End of Cross Country... : (

I'm sorry I'haven't written in my blog for so long, but there's just nothing new to talk about. Today we had Cross Country districts, and I wasn't supposed to run in the beginning, but Rebecca, a foreign exchange student from Switzerland, who is in the Team too (I don't know if I have talked about her earlier) hurt her ankle and I had to run instead of her, so I was really unprepared, because I didn't take our last week of practice seriously, but I still run 29:40, which is OK for me (I'm always one of the last ones ), because the course has a killing hill, which we have to run twice. It is really steep and long. And we were all freezing during the race, because it only had about 2° C and we run in shorts and tanktops!! But yesterday we got our Country Cross sweater and sweatpants, they kept us warm before and after the race!

 Tomorrow is our last home footballgame, and I'm really excited for it, because I'm going to Applebees with some friends after the game, and I'm going to buy some sweaters (They are REALLY warm and comfy!) And we maybe have a sleepover too, but we're not sure about that.

 Next week we get our grades for the 1st marking period, at least I think so, because tomorrow is the last day that counts for it. I don't think my grades are bad, but I also don't really care, because I don't have to get good grades as the others do. But they don't seem nervous either, so it's probably not a big deal.

 Oh yes, something interested has happend since the last time I wrote in the blog! We had our homecoming game and dance! It was so much fun! At the homecoming game (football) when only about 6 minutes were left and we were 42 to 8 or something like that behind suddenly all the lights went out, and we couldn't see anything, fortunatley the ambulances had big lights, and we could see a little, but not enough to play and since they couldn't get the lights on again, they ended the game early. But it was really cold that day!

 The dance was even more fun. In the morning I got my hair done, and in the early afternoon I met some friends and then we got ready toghether, then we went for supper to Applebees, and the dance started at 7 and was until 9, and after the dance we went to Ashley's place and had a sleepover. That was a lot of fun.

 I don't know how warm it is in Austria, but here the temperature is Winterlike, it even freezes in the night. When we left for the districts this morning at around 7:40 it only had 29° (That's about -1° celsius!!) I'm always freezing, but were all getting used to it real quick.

 Well, that's everything for now!


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