My first two days in NYC!

Hy everyone! (I write this blog in english, because it sounds funny if I don't, even though I'm here with a lot of germans and a girl from Switzerland)

 I've been to the USA for about 23 hours now, and nearly all of the time I spent in an hotel in NY. That maybe sounds great, but I haven't seen much than a hotel room and the lobby. But when we took the bus to Harrisburg (that's where I'm staying right now, and for everyone who doesn't know this, it's the capital of Pennsylvania), which was an 4 and a half hours drive we saw a little bit of the city!

 The flight was OK, but it was definitley too long! We flew about 10 hours and although we had the chance to see 3 films (I watched "KIrschblüten Hanami" and "Step up 2 the streets) it was rather boring.

Well, that's it for now, because I need some sleep! It's 23:36 here, and I really need a rest!

16.8.08 05:37

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sarah / Website (18.8.08 00:04)
halööööle sista! wie gehen es dir? lisi is grad da ich soll da schreiben dat si di liab hat und dat du dort die guten kaugummis für uns essen sollst. vermisst mi scho? freust di scho am 25 ? enlich SCHULE!!!!!! tschaui bussi hdl sagga ig geh jz fernsehn und dann schlafen!! noch ein letzter uhren vergleich bei uns is es 00:04! tschaui noch vü spaß bis nächstes mal

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