Since I just figured out today how I could put some photos in my blog, I will post some photos from NY now.

That's my bedroom in the hotel where we stayed in NYC. Quite a mess, I now.

That's the skyline of NYC, we saw it through the bus windows when we drove to Harrisburg.

And that's the view we had from our room in NYC. Would you have imagined that NY looked this boring?

But now I'm here in Turbotville with my hostfamily since Saturday, and I really had a great time. I've already met most of Nancy's family and friends, and they are all great and very interested in me and where I'm from.

 I also got registered for my classes the day before yesterday, and I was really nervous, but it was ok, because the guidance counsaler is a great guy. I hope I can remeber everything I took, but I think it was: Englisch, History, Advanced Chemistry, Global Issues, World Religions, Business, Business Law and French III.

And, even if some of you probably won't belive it, I have joined a Crosscountry Team yesterday! Crosscountry means, that we run a lot that we also have a lot of races, which are about 5 km long. It is really outpowering, and I'm the worst of us all, but the coach, who is really great and nice and understanding, told me I will get better with every practice (which we have everyday about 1 1/2 to 2 hours). And I really hope he's right.

Hugs and kisses


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20.8.08 15:59

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