Alltag kehrt ein...

Sorry that I haven't written anything lately, but here is everything very stressful in the moment! School has started 2 weeks ago, and I'm already longing for the week-end every schoolday. But during the week I hardly have time for anything, because school ends at 3:06 (strange time, is it?)n and then we have Crosscountry until 5:00 +- 30 minutes. There isn't much left of the day, because I also have to do my homework.

 But I get along very well with a lot of the other students, that makes school life much more interesting, even though I still have a lot to learn (what when to say stuff like that). I've also already seen my first baseball game (Guam vs. Curacao), ein little League game (kids played) but I didn't like it so much because it is rather boring, and I don't know the rules. I didn't even know why they won. And last Friday I've seen my first football game, Warrior Run (my school) vs. Shikalami (the enemy!!) and we won in the overtime. I liked this game, because it was more a social event, than just a game.

 Last weekend my sister from NYC and my brother from Portland, Oregon came for 2/4 days for a visit. We had a lot of fun, because we had a party nearly every night, when we made a barbecue, and a fire in our fireplace, and we had some friends here. That was fun. We also went to an amusement park called Knoebels. There wasn't really much action, but there was a wooden roller coaster, which was great. The funniest thing, was a sign in front of the hunted house (Geisterbahn):


I also spent a weekend with my liasion Ed Coup. He has made a schooling to be a boccia coach and now he trains athletics from the Special Olympis (handicapped people). I accompanied him to one of his practices, and it was really interesting. We also had a great dinner.

And I finally saw the perfect american cat!

 So that was it for now!

 Hugs and kisses


6.9.08 17:10

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sarah / Website (7.9.08 11:22)
hast du die katze den gestreichelt?
wenn ja hat sicha alles geschwabbelt!
aba i finds sie drotzdem süß!
hdl sarah

magdalena aus reli ;) (1.12.08 21:24)
haha die katze is toll XD

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