New York City!!!

On Saturday we went to NYC with all the AFS Students in this area (we are 9)! That war amazing. You can't imagine how big NYC is! We only made a tour in Manhattan, and even there we couldn't see much, because we were only for 7 hours there, and we all wanted to shop. We rode their by bus, so I had to get up at 5:30 AM, that was really hard on the weekend, but I made it! The ride took us 3 hours, but it seemed much shorter. Eventually in NY we divided in two groups, and our group of 5 had 3 chaperones (adults, who go with us). Our chaperones were really cool, because whenever we saw anything we wanted to do or we wanted to go, we could, and we even managed to stay together until the end .

We started our tour in Ground 0 (World Trade Center). Then we ate breakfest and went to the harbor, which is next to the mall where we ate. From there we had a pretty good look at the statue of liberty, so we decided not to get on the staten Island Ferry, and we had more time. After that, we tried to find the right subway to Chinatown, and after we looked for it really long, we finally found it. But it took ages to get all the tickets, because we didn't really know how to do it.

But we didn't only looked at buildings, we also did a lot of shopping. I bought soo much stuff, but it is neat to be able to have something to bring back home as presents.

 Oh yes, and my birthday was on friday(for everyone who didn't know). We celebrated it at Applebees, where my cousin works, and we had a great meal. I got a lot of presents, mostly necklaces, but also cookies from my friends and 2 shirts. After dinner we went to a cornmaze, but it was already dark and we got lost, so we cheated a litle. But it was an awesome night and I really enjoyed it, even though I know it would have been an amazing night with you guys too. (Taking a little Downtown tour )

Hope you all have a great time!!!

 Love and hugs


23.9.08 13:11

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magdalena aus reli ;) (1.12.08 21:27)
i love applebees haha. da hamma auch gegessen, in new york. happy bday im nachhinein :D :D
new york is ur cool ich weiß genau wo du warst hihi dort war ich auuuuuuuuch. aber ur ocol, ein cornmaze :O war ich noch nie... muss ur witzig gewesen sein

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